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How to make the most of your spa experience

Regardless of the kind of vacation you are on, booking a spa treatment is one of the surest ways of getting to experience a relaxing feeling. However, at times, a spa treatment can make you even more frustrated as compared to when you entered the hotel. Most at times, first time experience or new places with services slightly different from what you are used to can make you uncomfortable. Picking the right service and being acquitted with spa etiquette are sure ways to enjoy a spa experience. For both first-time spa visitors and veterans of the services, the following tips are going to educate you on how to make the most out of your spa experience.
Be able to speak out your mind.

Most spa treatment disappoints spa-goers because they are not able to communicate what they want or how they feel to the therapists. For instance, if you have a skin that is allergic to some substances, it is advisable you let the therapist know about your condition. If you do not speak out, the ingredients used during massage may give you allergies which will portray the whole spa idea as a negative thing. Feel free to ask for more pleasure during a massage or even an extra blanket in case you feel cold to enhance the comfort at the spa. Remember to point out the parts of your body that feel tighter so that the therapist can give them more attention.

Choose the right treatment during your session

Spas have very many services with names that are appealing to the ear. To make the best out of your spa experience, you do not need to pick the best service at the spa but the one that suits you at that moment. For instance, overly dry complexions will be treated very well by a hydrating facial massage while sore muscles would be relieved by a deep tissue massage. To get the best out of a spa treatment, you need to listen to your body and give it the correct spa treatment.

Know how much you will be required to undress for a particular treatment

Undressing can be uncomfortable considering the fact that the therapists are strangers. However, you will need to undress sufficiently as per the treatment being administered. For instance, you cannot have an effective body massage while dressed in formal clothes. Since the therapist needs to reach the muscles effectively, it is better to disrobe completely. If you are uncomfortable disrobing, you can wear loose fitting clothes for a Thai massage. Spa treatments such as facial will require only the shoulders and the face to be exposed.

Avoid peak hours and do not be in a rush

Spa hotels are doing business and as the saying goes, ‘Time is Money.’ You will hardly receive extra time and attention from therapists past 5 pm on weekdays and all day on weekends because that is the time when most people are free time to go for spa treatments. If you can get time on weekdays before 5 pm, you stand to get more attention and even time extensions for a more comfortable treatment. Ensure you have up to half an hour to and after your session at the spa to get the most out of facilities such as the steam room. Going to the spa in a rush will deny you such opportunities and your spa experience will not meet your expectations.


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What is a massage therapist?

Massage therapy is an art that has become an essential form of alternative therapy. This art is very common in the world today due to rising demand. In a world where lifestyles are changing and work is being done differently, there has been an increase in diseases that arise from a change in lifestyle. Some of these diseases are light physical ailments that can be treated with techniques like massage therapy. The many different forms of massage being offered in different parts of the world have recently necessitated the question of what massage therapy really entails. To understand this art, the main question should be – what is a massage therapist?

As a Physical Therapist

A massage therapist is primarily a person who is skilled in the art form of giving massages. A massage therapist does their work by applying pressure to various parts of the human body to relieve them from pain, tension, and pressure. Massage is thus primarily an art focusing on the physical parts of the body, but also the mental aspect albeit indirectly. Massage as a therapy is an art of restoration which seeks to take the body back to its normal form without using intrusive medicine. By using special techniques, a massage therapist is able to deliver effective physical therapy to their patient.

As an Alternative Doctor

Certain forms of massage have been known to relieve patients from different kinds of ailments. Common ailments like constipation can particularly be solved with a mild massage from a skilled massage therapist. Massage therapists who specialize in aromatherapy also help their patients relax and heal from excessive stress and other mental disorders. In overall, massage therapy is an alternative form of treatment that gives complete healing to patients.

As a Fitness Consultant

Massage therapists offer their services in several different capacities. One of the most common areas where massage is crucial is in professional sports. Professional athletes go through a lot of rigorous training which leaves their body parts in fatigue. To release the tension in the body muscles, massage therapists are required to massage the athletes using special techniques.

As an Anatomy Specialist

Massage therapists who specialize in special forms of massage like Shiatsu and head massage are very skilled in the anatomy of human beings. These specialists are able to identify the challenges facing a person based on the state of the health of their body organs. Such massage therapists apply unique techniques to the affected body parts in order to relieve their patients from stress and pain.

Massage therapists can do different things for different people based on their training, interests, and needs. With all these versatile roles assigned to a massage therapist, is there really a definite answer to a question like – what is a massage therapist? Indeed there is. Most people simply think of massage therapists as physical body care attendants. While that perspective is not particularly far from the truth, the more accurate way of looking at a massage therapist is – an alternative doctor whose main form of treatment is administered physically.





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How to find the best salon/spa

All of us want to look and feel good all the time, and for this, a regular grooming and pampering session is a must. Though of course there must be a number of salon/spa in your area that offers such services, but not all of them are equal, not all of them are worthwhile. If you want to enjoy the best experience, you need to search for the best service providers in your locality. But how to choose the best salon/spa for you? if this is the question now running in your mind, then continue reading and discover some helpful tips.


1. Take recommendations from friends


If any of your friends or family recently has had a haircut that you like or speaks about a great experience they had in some spa, ask them about the professionals they had visited. They can also help you learn in details about the experience they had, the amount they had to pay, and if there was a long waiting time and so on.


2. Use the internet


If you do not have any recommendations then you can use the internet to search the spas/salons in your area. Most well-known spas have websites that you can visit to learn more about them. You can check the type of services they offer, and also do not forget to check their customer reviews. It helps you learn about the experience of others and thus get surer if that salon/spa is good for you.


3. The most expensive one might not be the best


A wrong notion that most people have is that the most expensive salon/spa is the best. This, however, need not necessarily be true. Salons or spas can range from very cheap to very expensive, and ones that fall in between, affordable spa/salons might offer almost what a very expensive one does. Expensive spas might advertise very well, which the affordable ones might not be able to, but if you check their services, they might almost be the same.


4. Visit in person


Before you book an appointment, it will be best to visit the spa/salon in person. Check the ambiance, learn about the professionals working there, what kind of degree they have, and so on. Also, see if the people working there are eager enough to help you. After all, you would not want to land up in a place where the staff is not bothered about your comfort or interests.


5. Discussion helps


Prior to booking your appointment in a spa/salon, it will be great to discuss with them any issues you have. For instance, if you have a sensitive skin, you must let them know about it and ask them if they offer services for your skin type as well. Also, learn about the kind of products that will be used. Similarly, if you plan to have a hair cut done, ask them what kind of haircut will suit your face, what brand shampoo they will use, and so on. Discussing only saves you of any last minute problems.


Following these simple tips will surely help you find the best salon/spa in your area. If everything seems right, then make sure you book an appointment without delay, or you may have to wait long before your turn comes.


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What is a salon?

With the annual revenue of the beauty and hair care sector going well past a few billion, it would be safe to suggest that the salon business is thriving in the country and why should it not be? After all, people are very conscious about the way they look and will be happy to spend money for hair and beauty treatments even when faced with economic adversity, No its not about being vain, it’s about the huge impact that our looks can have on our self-image and confidence.

Now, its possible to find salons of all sizes and budgets that cater to the requirements of clients; from those that are no more than new age barbers to the swanky establishments of Beverly Hills that offer an assortment of services, However, the common factor with all these businesses is the need to generate profit.
Unfortunately, a lot of salon owners attribute dipping client turnouts to the plunging economy.
The salon business is a part of the service industry, and like hotels or restaurants, the customer service that an establishment offers is as crucial to the survival of business as the skill sets of its work force. In other words, you certainly ain’t going to catch ants with vinegar in this business. Customer service tips for a salon business that want to thrive
Do you know the friendly bartender: You know how a bar tenders job is to pour drinks for his clients but he often plays a therapeutic role. As a matter of fact, many people are more comfortable discussing their problems with a bartender than their shrink or even a loved one; no its not just about the effect of alcohol, its about building a comfort factor. That is what you need to do in the salon business as well. Create rapport with your clients and this is only going to happen when you go out of your way to make them feel comfortable. This should include offering a substantial amount of pampering and showing your customers that you are willing to offer them more today than what you did yesterday. Customer satisfaction can only be achieved through constant improvisation.
Keep ahead of the competition: If you do not have somebody else will; after all, there is certainly no dearth of competition as far as salons go. So, to be the best in the business make sure that you offer your employees all the tools they will need. From the best products to the latest techniques, your salon should have them all.
Offer service that will become the talk of the town: Word of mouth marketing is still as potent as it was a decade ago. One satisfied client will be able to drive more customers your way than hundreds of advertising dollars. So, make sure that you offers your clients
A warm welcome; Remember that first impression is the last impressions, so make it good. Welcome your guests with a drink or wine
Offer detailed information: Your clients should get detailed information on the various treatments offered.
Well maintained salon: A clean and hygienic work area along with a polite and experienced staff will create an air of professionalism.
Offer free consultation: This is the best way to presell the treatments.

Education: Tell the client what is being done to him/her and how that is going to help; also offer information on some products that will help

Rebooking: This is vital for the clients long term results; keep a detailed record of the clients, treatment offered and follow up sessions required. Also, offer appointment reminders.

Regular contact: Offer loyalty programs, bonus and discounts to attract clients.

Free fix up of undesired results: This is crucial for after service satisfaction; free fix up should be offered without any questions asked.

Finally, make sure that you have a customer service code in place that is adhered to by all employees. This will help the workforce to understand what is expected out of them.

For some more great info, take a look at this video on how to choose the salon that’s right for you!


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What is a spa?

We all like to relax. In fact, there is nothing better than kicking off your shoes in a place where the realities of life are about as far away as they could be. So, what is a spa? and why do people like to use spas? They’re calm, tranquil, and perhaps most importantly, they close their doors to the rest of the world.
If we were to try finding out the key areas of good service and overall quality that we think a good spa will have, we would most definitely look at the treatments that the spa offers. If you are the type of spa customer who just wants to lie back and have the ultimate pampering session, the high-end luxury spas will meet your demands. There are a multitude of spas and spa hotels out there that bring you the very best and latest treatments. What makes them unique is the attention they give you. So if you are the type of spa customer who wants pampering, the best indication that the spa hotel is special is the high number of treatments they offer. This means they offer more than one massage.
Then there is location. What makes a spa truly special when it comes to location is the remoteness of the establishment. However, this does not mean spending three days to trek to the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere. The best spas offer true remoteness even if they are in the middle of a bustling city. Spa seekers want to feel like they have entered another world, or at least another country so if you are trying to locate an excellent spa, try one where guest comments on the website or their literature use words such as ‘shut away’ or ‘remote’. If the spa hotel has a reputation for being tranquil and distant from real life pressures you are in the realms of the unique, special spa experience.
Finally, the other aspect of spa life that, if done well, can make a spa visit truly special, is the food and drink you can enjoy there. We’ve mentioned the champagne already. But if you are talking truly special cuisine, you want something that is above and beyond the normal spa fare.
A spa likes to make sure you eat healthily, but if you are looking for the best, a spa that offers healthy food that actually tastes good is a good sign that you’ve found it. This means being able to have the leanest steak available for example. And it means fruit baskets and nutritious soups, with anything you eat sourced locally and using the finest ingredients. This means a lot, especially when you are paying for it. When it comes to food, you need to expect the best.
The best way to tell if a spa is special is to visit it and use it. Get a feel for what you want. Do this, and you will soon be a spa expert, someone who can find the best one for their needs, time after time.


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Day Spa Certificates

Are you searching for the perfect gift for that special someone? If so, then you should consider day spa certificates. A gift certificate to a day spa makes an ideal gift for any woman who needs pampering, and in today’s stressful world who doesn’t? Although day spas are primarily geared towards female guests, there are treatments that the guys can enjoy also such as massages to soothe overworked muscles. The average day spa has a menu of treatments and services to beautify and soothe from head to toe.

You can expect to find facials, massages, body wraps, manicures and pedicures, hydrotherapy and more at the average day spa. These treatments can range from the simple to the extravagant. One famous spa in the United States is the Hershey Day Spa in Hershey Pennsylvania. Here you can enjoy incredible packages such as the Hershey Kiss, which includes a spa rain shower, milk and honey soak and cocoa massage. You may also enjoy the Chocolate Escape Package, which is an extensive spa package offering a whipped cocoa bath, chocolate sugar scrub, chocolate fondue wrap and more. Even if you’re not near Hershey spa you can find exotic and delicious treatments at a day spa near you.

Many day spas incorporate ingredients like chocolate, champagne, honey and herbs into their treatments. Some guests enjoy these over the top treatments while others prefer a more simple approach. Even the most down to earth tomboy can enjoy a few hours at a day spa. There’s no better place to relax and destress. The trained professionals will attend to your every need and whisk away your cares. Many spas offer refreshing beverages and gourmet snacks for guests to nibble on. They are soothing environments created to be an oasis from the everyday world down to the last luxurious detail.

If you want to buy day spa certificates as gifts you will first need to decide from which spa. Most areas have at least one. If there are a few choices in your preferred area you can review the treatments and services before making your choice. Most day spas have websites where you can review their products, services and prices right from your computer. Gift certificates are available in various denominations for every size budget. When you give the gift of spa treatments you give the gift of luxury and relaxation, which everyone needs more of in their lives!