Regardless of the kind of vacation you are on, booking a spa treatment is one of the surest ways of getting to experience a relaxing feeling. However, at times, a spa treatment can make you even more frustrated as compared to when you entered the hotel. Most at times, first time experience or new places with services slightly different from what you are used to can make you uncomfortable. Picking the right service and being acquitted with spa etiquette are sure ways to enjoy a spa experience. For both first-time spa visitors and veterans of the services, the following tips are going to educate you on how to make the most out of your spa experience.
Be able to speak out your mind.

Most spa treatment disappoints spa-goers because they are not able to communicate what they want or how they feel to the therapists. For instance, if you have a skin that is allergic to some substances, it is advisable you let the therapist know about your condition. If you do not speak out, the ingredients used during massage may give you allergies which will portray the whole spa idea as a negative thing. Feel free to ask for more pleasure during a massage or even an extra blanket in case you feel cold to enhance the comfort at the spa. Remember to point out the parts of your body that feel tighter so that the therapist can give them more attention.

Choose the right treatment during your session

Spas have very many services with names that are appealing to the ear. To make the best out of your spa experience, you do not need to pick the best service at the spa but the one that suits you at that moment. For instance, overly dry complexions will be treated very well by a hydrating facial massage while sore muscles would be relieved by a deep tissue massage. To get the best out of a spa treatment, you need to listen to your body and give it the correct spa treatment.

Know how much you will be required to undress for a particular treatment

Undressing can be uncomfortable considering the fact that the therapists are strangers. However, you will need to undress sufficiently as per the treatment being administered. For instance, you cannot have an effective body massage while dressed in formal clothes. Since the therapist needs to reach the muscles effectively, it is better to disrobe completely. If you are uncomfortable disrobing, you can wear loose fitting clothes for a Thai massage. Spa treatments such as facial will require only the shoulders and the face to be exposed.

Avoid peak hours and do not be in a rush

Spa hotels are doing business and as the saying goes, ‘Time is Money.’ You will hardly receive extra time and attention from therapists past 5 pm on weekdays and all day on weekends because that is the time when most people are free time to go for spa treatments. If you can get time on weekdays before 5 pm, you stand to get more attention and even time extensions for a more comfortable treatment. Ensure you have up to half an hour to and after your session at the spa to get the most out of facilities such as the steam room. Going to the spa in a rush will deny you such opportunities and your spa experience will not meet your expectations.


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