We all like to relax. In fact, there is nothing better than kicking off your shoes in a place where the realities of life are about as far away as they could be. So, what is a spa? and why do people like to use spas? They’re calm, tranquil, and perhaps most importantly, they close their doors to the rest of the world.
If we were to try finding out the key areas of good service and overall quality that we think a good spa will have, we would most definitely look at the treatments that the spa offers. If you are the type of spa customer who just wants to lie back and have the ultimate pampering session, the high-end luxury spas will meet your demands. There are a multitude of spas and spa hotels out there that bring you the very best and latest treatments. What makes them unique is the attention they give you. So if you are the type of spa customer who wants pampering, the best indication that the spa hotel is special is the high number of treatments they offer. This means they offer more than one massage.
Then there is location. What makes a spa truly special when it comes to location is the remoteness of the establishment. However, this does not mean spending three days to trek to the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere. The best spas offer true remoteness even if they are in the middle of a bustling city. Spa seekers want to feel like they have entered another world, or at least another country so if you are trying to locate an excellent spa, try one where guest comments on the website or their literature use words such as ‘shut away’ or ‘remote’. If the spa hotel has a reputation for being tranquil and distant from real life pressures you are in the realms of the unique, special spa experience.
Finally, the other aspect of spa life that, if done well, can make a spa visit truly special, is the food and drink you can enjoy there. We’ve mentioned the champagne already. But if you are talking truly special cuisine, you want something that is above and beyond the normal spa fare.
A spa likes to make sure you eat healthily, but if you are looking for the best, a spa that offers healthy food that actually tastes good is a good sign that you’ve found it. This means being able to have the leanest steak available for example. And it means fruit baskets and nutritious soups, with anything you eat sourced locally and using the finest ingredients. This means a lot, especially when you are paying for it. When it comes to food, you need to expect the best.
The best way to tell if a spa is special is to visit it and use it. Get a feel for what you want. Do this, and you will soon be a spa expert, someone who can find the best one for their needs, time after time.


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